New Partnership Announces EPIC, LLC

Updated: Apr 17

October 11, 2021

Ethan DeSota of Exponent Construction Group and Scott M. Graves of SMG Creative Enterprise announce the opportunity for community-driven real estate ownership.

‘In forming EPIC, LLC (Exponential Property Investment Co-Operative) we desire to create an opportunity that is accessible for a wide spectrum of our neighbors and community stakeholders, ‘ said founder Ethan DeSota.

‘Our data-driven approach to real estate development harnesses our knowledge while bringing to bear our community development, economics and creative class backgrounds.’

This opportunity targets a wide spectrum of our citizens interested in making their money work for the ‘downtown’ economy. EPIC, LLC maintains a robust profile of regional real property and economic development data which allows the group to target communities ready for growth.

What the C in EPIC stands for.

Co-Operation Consistency Creativity Comprehensive

This is an opportunity for citizens to achieve ownership in a co-operative environment while targeting projects that benefit our neighborhoods and the people who live there.

Opportunity is currently available for participation in EPIC, LLC by contacting Scott M. Graves or Ethan DeSota at

All Media Inquiries Scott M. Graves EPIC, LLC 978-884-6596