An EPIC Guide to Community Building With Special Guest Dan Crowley

In our Series ‘An EPIC Guide to Community Building’ host Scott M. Graves introduces us to his partner Ethan DeSota, founder of Exponent Construction Group and partner in EPIC, LLC.

This special series of SMG’s ‘Are We Here yet?’ podcast explores the financialisation of our economy and how that is effecting the real estate markets.

We set the stage in Episode one describing the very real issue of wealth transfer through the liquidation of residential property that occurs in recessions.

Our guest is Dan Crowley, a forty year veteran of community banking and consultant to real property owners and developers for acquiring SBA and HUD financing. Dan is the founder and Chief Believer in the firm Business Capital Resources.

Dan cut right to the chase. When asked whether we are experiencing a man-made manufactured downturn in order to take wealth away from the most vulnerable, he didn’t mince words.

“I think It’s pre-engineered intended shifts in wealth.”

So we start off our series setting the stage for what we think is coming in the market and why that’s so.

But lest you think we’ll only focus on the storming days ahead, we hope to offer in the remainder of the series perspectives and sometimes direct solutions so you can navigate our unstable economic landscape to find your own way of building wealth and meaning.

For your own life.