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An EPIC Guide to Community Building A Little Bit of History

How did two guys, one a touring musician and educator, the other a home-builder join forces while gravitating towards work that addresses challenges in economic development, community building and employee ownership?

The fourth installment in our series ‘An EPIC Guide to Community Building’ Scott Graves, host of SMG’s ‘Are We Here Yet?’ podcast is joined by his business partner and good buddy Ethan DeSota to get into a little history.

headshots in both B&W and full color of Scott M. Graves on the right, Ethan DeSota on the left.  Both in eyeglasses, both formally dressed with photographic backgrounds
EPIC founders Ethan DeSota(l) & Scott M. Graves

Hear them talk about how they came to have an interest in re-building struggling towns, how they discovered facets of economic. and social justice such as the forming of employee owned businesses and why they think their priorities are important to the everyday lives of both their families and their neighbors.

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