We created EPIC or Exponential Property Investment

Co-Operative to represent the things that are important to us.  


Accessibility We desire to allow people from a wide array of ages and backgrounds to come together and build wealth while building better communities.  Why shouldn’t you be able to develop wealth through real estate in a smarter, more sustainable and co-operative way with people who understand rla property development? 


Resiliency Ethan and I are dedicated to building neighborhood responsive projects.  We are both deeply rooted in community development and spend much of our time learning what people want in their cities and towns.  We all deserve better.  You can play a significant role in making our cities and towns better for all. 


Sustainability We believe in built environments that produce a minimal impact on the environment.  We also believe in balance: we are the environment and the environment is us.  EPIC and its sister Exponent Construction Group infuse projects with innovations in energy production, efficiency, water management and envelope.  


Intelligence EPIC and its members are deeply committed to intentional behavior.  Intentional Design.  Intentional financial models. Intentional Growth.  We also believe in implementing data-driven policies and projects.  We cultivate data not only regarding real property but also municipal and regional economic development, institutional, cultural and other less considered but deeply relevant data disciplines.  We create a bio-regional roadmap that, coupled with our steadfast commitment to best practices, allows us to offer a competitive advantage to all of our members. 

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